The Surroundings

The characteristic "Gabicce Express" train quickly connects every corner of the town, and will allow you to reach in a few minutes: Gabicce Monte , with its breathtaking view of the Adriatic coast, which on clear days will allow you to see up to Cesenatico, and from the port area. the visit to the city of Cattolica up to Porto Verde.
The red line of the train takes you to the Castle of Gradara, theater of the tragic love of Paolo and Francesca sung by Dante, Petrarca - Km 3 .

From Gabicce Monte, towards the south

  • S. Bartolo Natural Park which protects the entire promontory overlooking the sea and which extends for about 15 km , almost as far as the port of Pesaro.
  • Vallugola Leaving the Panoramica road, you will find the ancient and delightful port at the foot of the cliff that has become a worldly meeting place - Km 3 . From Gabicce, on Statale 16, towards the south, in a few minutes by car: you can reach the eighteenth century.
  • Fiorenzuola di Focara On the panoramic Pesaro-Gabicce road. Castle closed to the ground by the walls, it is fascinating with its streets that rise concentric towards the bell tower. Evocative view, in some ways unprecedented of the Adriatic coast, overlooking the sea - 5 km .
  • Villa Caprile with its amusing water games and an elegant green theater - Km 10 .
  • Villa Imperiale ancient hunting and entertainment lodge of the Della Rovere family Wednesday guided tours. Reservation 0721/69341 - Km 10 .
  • Pesaro with the birthplace of Gioacchino Rossini, known as the swan of Pesaro and creator of famous nineteenth-century opera musicals - Km 12
  • Fano - Antica Fanum Fortunae, former Roman camp, you can admire: the medieval walls, the Arch of Augustus, the church of San Michele, the Romanesque-style Cathedral of Fano, the Teatro della Fortuna, the church of Santa Maria Nuova ( Predella by Raffaelo; painting and fresco by Perugino) - Km 24 .

In the hinterland you can visit

  • Urbino Montefeltro residence Palazzo Ducale del Risorgimento, Raphael's House, Pinacoteca, you can admire the beautiful paintings by Piero della Francesca - Km 45 .
  • Fossombrone at 55 Km Marmitte del gigante and Roman bridge.
  • Acqualagna known as the production area and market of the finest truffles in Italy. An appointment for gourmets is the National Truffle Fair in November - Km 50 .
  • Passo del Furlo you can admire: the Abbey of San Vincenzo, the gallery of Vespasiano, 69 AD, the profile of Mussolini, the Candigliano river, the dam, the Roman bridge, the Metauro valley, where the battle of the Romans against Asdrubale took place - Km 70 .
  • Mondavio Defined the city of birds as it appears in the coat of arms of the city Mondavio in the Middle Ages belonged to the Pentapolis of Ravenna Medieval fortress designed by the architect Francesco di Giorgio Martini, palio del fallow deer - Km 50 .
  • Frasassi Caves The Frasassi caves are open all year round and offer a beautiful natural setting with the formation of stalactites and stalagmites. Guided tours are free - 110 km .
  • Loreto Sanctuary of the Madonna of Loreto - Km 80 .

Also, to the north

  • Rocca di S. Leo, stands on an imposing boulder that dominates the middle valley of the Marecchia river. A decisive place for historical and military events, linked to pagan and then Christian worship. It hosted the Dalmatian Leone for a hermit life, who with his friend Marino, retired on Mount Titano, contributed to the advent of Christianity in Montefeltro. The count of Cagliostro ended his days in the cells of the fortress - Km 25 .
  • Republic of San Marino The legend handed down the figure of Marino, a stonecutter, who came from Dalmatia, climbed Mount Titano, and formed a small community of criastini, persecuted at the time of the Emperor Diocletian. While the Roman Empire was diminishing, and the temporal power of the Papacy had not yet established itself, the will of the citizens to give themselves a form of government was affirmed here: the Municipality, which entitled its freedom to the Saint. Initially "Land of San Marino" then, "Municipality of San Marino", then "Republic of San Marino". A medieval city preserved over the centuries !!! with monuments, museums, works of art ... A must for tourists on the Riviera - Km 35 .

Possible excursions by bus:
S. Leo, S. Marino, Gubbio, Assisi, Frasassi Caves, Loreto Sanctuary and cities of art.