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San Bartolo

San Bartolo Park

The San Bartolo Park is mainly characterized by the high stretch of coast, with cliffs alive, rare in the Adriatic. The rest of the protected area consists of the rural landscape which, until the fifties, was actively cultivated in places unthinkable today, the limits of the sea. The Colle San Bartolo thus presents two distinct environments: the cliff to the sea and the inland side...

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Acquario di Cattolica

New way of learning about the sea, its inhabitants and its history. The marvellous adventures of the sea from the origin of the earth to modern days. The world of sharks and of 3000 diverse species of fish from all over the world in the largest Aquarium on the Adriatic coast. You can even swim in the tank with the sharks, the only place in Italy where this is possible. WHAT'S NEW – the penguins have arrived at the Aquarium and there's a huge area dedicated just to them.
Info: tel. 0541.8371


The most famous water-theme park in Europe having given enjoyment to millions of visitors during the 20 years since its opening. The secret of its success? It's not just a water-theme park but a real town built on the water with its rapids, kamikaze slides, wave-makers, twists and speed tubes. Fun is guaranteed
Info: tel. 0541.603050


Oltremare theme park, entertainment, nature, surroundings, Ulysses' island, the dolphin lagoon, the owl's mill, sea planet, farm, 3D cinema IMAX. It's a play paradise!!
4000 square metres where fun means learning too!! Discover life on the delta of the river Po, the animals at the farm, the dolphin world, the elegance of the seahorses and all the nature surrounding us
Info: tel. 0541.4271


IMAX offers the most spectacular and exciting cinematographic experience in the world. Two and three-dimension films are shown in a giant screen of over 600 square metres, as tall as a 7-storey building and wide enough to show a razorback whale, spectators have the privilege of visiting and exploring distant places, entering a completely new dimension and living an unforgettable adventure. IMAX goes beyond the cinema: wonder, amazement and discovery.
Info: tel. 0541.609000


Ideal venue for all the family with over 30 attractions. Never-never land – exists and it's in Rimini. Peter Pan's bay, wizard Merlin's castle, the gold mine and the Apache village await you. And if nature's your passion the come and visit the Garden of the Forgotten Fruits and the Peasant's house next to the Old Farm where you can relive the age-old traditions of by-gone days. What's new in 2010: 3D cinema.
Info: tel. 0541.372064

Riviera Golf

Riviera Golf Resort is an oasis of tranquility and relaxation, where a wise direction has combined nature, hospitality, sport and wellness. A few kilometers from the Adriatic Riviera, is a jewel in the green design, the result of the creativity of architects, engineers, landscape architects. Riviera golf only 4 km from the sea. A field with 18 holes and beyond: pool, spa and gym area to take care of your body.
Info: tel. 0541 956499 / 0541 827184

Italia in Miniatura

Live a marvellous and otherwise impossible adventure in the most famous miniature theme park, exploring the cultural patrimony of Italy and Europe through the 270 perfect reproductions in scale of monuments and works of art. Stroll through the Venetian canals, visit the Colosseum and admire Vesuvius all in a few hours, this will really seem impossible to you. That is, if you've not been to Italia in Miniatura!
Info: tel. 0541.732004


It's the huge Theme and Entertainment Park on the splendid Adriatic Riviera and one of the key parks of its kind in Europe. A jewel conjugating geniality and technology, the geniality of the most intelligent artists in the entertainment trade and the innovations of the digital world. It has a total of six theme areas and 47 fantastic attractions with 15 shows during the day and night. The second day enter FREE!!
Info: tel. 0544.561156